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  • Mental Health Is Something We Do – Every Day

    Mental Health Is Something We Do – Every Day

    May was mental health awareness month, so I’m a bit behind the times in writing about it. But, hey! Mental health matters all year round! It’s also something that gets talked about a lot in somewhat vague and empty ways, too often conflated with mental illness. Spoiler: they’re not the same thing. Everyone – and I… Read more

  • Whatever It Is, Just Pick It Back Up

    Whatever It Is, Just Pick It Back Up

    You know the feeling – suddenly you look up and it’s been weeks or months since you did the thing that you used to do every day. And you feel both panicked and exhausted, and the prospect of getting back to it feels like doing a pull up with arms made of noodles. Or, maybe… Read more

  • Finding the Sweet Spot between Grit and Grace

    Finding the Sweet Spot between Grit and Grace

    I don’t want to write today, but I’m doing it anyway. Yay, I’m being gritty! And that is awesome, right? Maybe.  According to Angela Duckworth (who wrote the book on Grit), “grit is passion and perseverance for long-term goals.” And every piece of writing advice ever will tell you that writing daily is the way… Read more

  • Hope Isn’t a Feeling – It’s a Choice

    Hope Isn’t a Feeling – It’s a Choice

    While we often talk about “feeling” hopeful, that phrasing is a little misleading – because unlike sadness or joy or fear, hope isn’t actually a feeling. It’s a mental process that we can choose to engage in. It’s not an internal signal that naturally occurs.  In other words, hope is something we do rather than… Read more

  • Happiness is Fleeting, Wholeness Persists

    Happiness is Fleeting, Wholeness Persists

    I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in recovery is that feelings aren’t forever – all of them. Happy, sad, afraid, elated, hopeless, irritated, confused, delighted, embarrassed, ashamed, adored… none of them are permanent states of being, and trying to make them last is an unrealistic goal.  But we do try, and… Read more

  • When Your Brain Is a Bad Neighborhood, Call in a Friend

    When Your Brain Is a Bad Neighborhood, Call in a Friend

    I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if you’re struggling with your mental health: it’s not your fault. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re doing the best you can right now, and your best is good enough. Perhaps unsurprisingly after two weeks of Covid, I ended up a bit depressed. I didn’t have… Read more

  • Life Has a Speed Limit. Are You Sticking to It?

    Life Has a Speed Limit. Are You Sticking to It?

    I finally got Covid last week – life’s way of stopping me in my tracks. I’m counting myself blessed that it wasn’t too bad. It did, however, bring everything in my life to a grinding halt. And a week of barely having the energy to get off the couch, let alone do ALL the things!,… Read more

  • Crying in Public Is a Service to Humanity

    Crying in Public Is a Service to Humanity

    When was the last time you saw someone cry in real life? That is, someone other than yourself (if you’re even prone to letting yourself cry)? Has it been a while? Can you even remember a time?! I hope you can. But I rather suspect for many folks who aren’t either in recovery or working… Read more

  • Do You Want a Different Past or a Better Future?

    Do You Want a Different Past or a Better Future?

    I went “home” again last week (hence the brief hiatus from posting). And much to my surprise, it fucked with me. Just like it always does – even though I haven’t lived there for fifteen years. Admittedly, growing up in Las Vegas meant I had a bizarre fucking childhood. Not because my family was involved… Read more

  • If You Can’t Love Yourself, How Can You Trust That Others Do?

    If You Can’t Love Yourself, How Can You Trust That Others Do?

    Despite what Instagram and TikTok and the rest of the internet might say, cultivating self-love is fucking hard to do. Being able to look yourself in the mirror and say, “damn. I’m awesome!” and then a) not cringe and b) actually mean it? That takes a lot of fucking work and patience. But it is… Read more

  • WTF Does It Mean to “Get Over” Someone?

    WTF Does It Mean to “Get Over” Someone?

    When talking about breakups, we talk about “getting over” our exes. We talk about “moving on,” and “letting go.” But I think there’s a lot of murky ideas about what the fuck any of that actually means. And I don’t pretend to have THE answer to any of it, but I do think it’s a… Read more

  • Choosing People Who Choose You

    Choosing People Who Choose You

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget that being in a relationship with people is actually a choice we make on a daily basis. We are constantly choosing to show up, to engage with the people in our lives – whether those relationships are friendship or romantic partnership or even familial. (Reminder: we can opt out of… Read more

  • Stepping Into Discomfort

    Stepping Into Discomfort

    To be comfortable, according to ye ol’ dictionary, is to be free from vexation, doubt, stress, or tension. I.e. to be comfortable means to be free of anything that stretches or changes us in any way – because change means stepping into the unknown, stepping into the potential for doubt, stress, and vexation. In other… Read more

  • Start Talking to Yourself Like a Friend

    Start Talking to Yourself Like a Friend

    Do you do the thing that so many of us do where you call yourself an idiot for making a minor mistake? Do you say things like “I’m so stupid,” or “I suck,” or “I’m the worst?” If so, you’re not alone. But also – please knock that shit off. Please? It’s not nice. And… Read more

  • Sh*tting on Your Ex Is Sh*tting on Yourself

    Sh*tting on Your Ex Is Sh*tting on Yourself

    Let’s be real, it can feel damn good to shit talk exes. (Anger is a stage of grief, after all). Rather than getting overwhelmed by sorrow, it can be much easier to focus on how an ex was “an asshole,” “a crazy bitch,” or “a really fucked up person.”  It can feel awesome to vent… Read more

  • Everybody F*cks Up Sometimes (Ourselves Included)

    Everybody F*cks Up Sometimes (Ourselves Included)

    Like a bunch of folks, I got caught up in Southwest Airlines’ epic fail during this years’ holiday travel. My experience wasn’t as horrible as most, though – by some sort of truly miraculous twist of fate, I made it home on Christmas morning… at 4am. It sucked. And I was real cranky about it. And… Read more

  • Moving from Fear to Love

    Moving from Fear to Love

    In the past few years, I’ve made a lot of big, scary decisions. It started with the decision to leave academia – because I wanted the agency to choose where I live. Then I had to actually decide where to live and picked Portland – even though I wasn’t sure I could afford it. Then… Read more

  • Give Yourself a F**king Break

    Give Yourself a F**king Break

    I’m writing this from Mexico City – which is important context since I’m on day four of an eight day trip and have cried at least once (if not multiple times) every day for the last three days. And the shitty voice in my head wants to be a dick to me about that, so… Read more

  • Fear Is a Sneaky F*cker

    Fear Is a Sneaky F*cker

    I’m gonna go ahead and make a bold claim/sweeping generalization here: unless we’re actively practicing self awareness, most of us live our lives driven by fear. And most of us are pretty oblivious about it until we start really looking at what we’re doing. Hopefully you noticed that I included myself in that. I’m not… Read more

  • What If Nobody Is Broken?

    What If Nobody Is Broken?

    Here’s a thought to chew on: what if – in spite of all the ways you might struggle with being a human in the world – you aren’t broken? What if the people that hurt us aren’t broken? What if nobody is broken? What would that mean? Who would we be? How would letting go of… Read more

  • WTF Is Settling is Bullsh*t?

    WTF Is Settling is Bullsh*t?

    Hello, dear reader. Welcome to Settling Is Bullshit – a blog of sweary life advice for humans trying to get better at adulting. Ideally, this would have been my first post – a lovely little introduction explaining what I’m all about. Alas, I had other shit on my mind. And I’m a big believer in doing… Read more

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